Summer 7 on 7 competition is crucial to the development of high school teams throughout the state of Texas.Only 7% of all Texas high schools qualify for the annual state tournament sponsored by Adidas. Funding for 7 on 7 must take place outside of school affiliated sources. All donations and fees must be collected from the general public, only. District coaches and teachers cannot be involved in 7 on 7 activities, to include  finances.3000+ repetitions are completed during a typical summer 7 on 7 season. This is not counted against the UIL high school practice limitations. This provides valuable practice time ensuring the success of our players during the season. Varsity and Junior Varsity Player fees enable Tribe to provide food, water, sport drinks, travel to and from events, and overnight stay at the State Tournament. Elementary and Junior High fees enable Tribe to provide for the same, except the State Tournament which is reserved for High School play only. 

             7 on 7 is an extracurricular activity that involves the passing aspect of offensive and defensive football. 7 players are given the opportunity to score the football from the 45 yard line. The defense is given the opportunity to defend the end zone as well. On average, 50 players per week are involved in competition. The top 20 High School performers are taken to the Qualifying tournaments 3 tournaments within the state of Texas are generally scheduled up to 2 months in advance. The tournament fees cost the program up to $300 each.

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